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Frequently Asked Questions

Currently, all orders are deployed manually by hands in order to prevent fraudulent orders.
The deployment usually completed under an hour or two but in some cases (eg out of working time, overloaded orders, ...) our guarantee for the deployment is within 24 hours.
Deployments will not be taken place on international/important holidays such as New year, Christmas, ...
We operate 2 separate panels: Billing and Manage Panel which function as its name, for renewing, ordering, ... you will need to use billing panel, for restarting, shutdown VPS, ... manage panel is opened only for that purpose.
You can use 100% of your VPS CPU 24/7 without issue, we've noticed people want to use fully of what they paid for, so all of our VPS comes with dedicated resources. No limitations and hassle free!
Indeed! We do provide free Windows 2012 R2 and 2016 licenses to all our servers.
We highly recommend you to run bots and tools on our VPS as our VPS is highly optimized for that purpose, However, make sure you follow our term of services in order to avoid any confusion or conflict later on!
Basically said, it's read and write speeds, for example: copying a file will need read speed (on the input side) and write speed (on output), downloading files need write speed to write your downloaded file to your computer.