Terms of services

Last Modified: Mar 11, 2024

Hyonix (https://hyonix.com/) is owned and operated by Krixe Pte. Ltd., UEN: 202345555E, registered in Singapore.

Please read these terms accordingly and contact us if you have any questions.

By using our service, you've accepted the following terms below:

1. Service(s) Provisioning.

1.1 - Hyonix will provide Customer with the service(s) ordered, as they are described on our website, billing system, or in a custom quote. Customer understands and agrees that Hyonix will host and create the Service(s) solely in accordance with the information provided by Customer, including but not limited to your billing information (Full name, email address, billing address, credit card information) and service details (hostname, password, your choices of add-ons).

1.2 - By submitting information, you grant us the right to provide the billing information to third parties for purposes of completing your purchases.

2. Conditions of Use.

2.1 - You agree that any violations listed in our Acceptable Usage Policy are considered prohibited usage and may result in immediate account suspension and/or termination without compensation.

2.2 - Intentional or Malicious violations of our Acceptable Usage Policy will result in immediate termination, and a ban from any further service.

3. Billing.

3.1 - Invocing:

3.1.1 - Invoices for recurring service(s) will be issued 10 days in advance of the due date.

3.1.2 - Unpaid service(s) will be suspended at 11:00 PM UTC on the date after the service due date.

3.1.3 - Unpaid service(s) will be terminated 7 days past the due date on the service.

3.1.3 - Orders that remain unpaid for more than 24 hours are automatically removed from the system.

3.2 - Automatic Payments:

3.2.1 - Credit Cards: Hyonix automatically captures payments at 01:00 PM UTC on the service due date using the default card on file.

3.2.2 - Paypal Billing Agreement: Hyonix automatically captures payments at 01:00 PM UTC on the service due date using the active Billing Agreement on file.

3.2.3 - Hyonix credit: Customer account credit with Hyonix will automatically be applied to renewal invoices upon generation if there is existing credit prior to the invoice creation date.

3.2.4 - Customer is responsible for cancelling Service(s) before the automatic payment attempt to avoid being mis-charged, refund is not available once the automatic payment has been captured.

3.3 - Money Back Guarantee & Refund Policy:

3.3.1 - Hyonix offers a 7-days Money back guarantee and it only applies to your first order of a single Service that customer purchased.

3.3.2 - Customer will ONLY qualify for a refund if customer has selected ‘Monthly’ or ‘Quarterly' and paid using Paypal or Credit/Debit Cards during checkout.

3.3.3 - Customer MUST request a refund via our ticketing system, communication through other platforms (such as Skype, Live chat) will not be valid.

3.3.4 - No refund is given outside of our Money Back Guarantee and in cases of automatic payments, abuse, suspension, or closure of account.

3.3.5 - Hyonix have the right to handle refund requests on a case-by-case basis at our sole discretion.

3.4 - Payment Gateways:

3.4.1 - Paypal: PayPal payments must originate from verified PayPal account and are eligible for Money Back Guarantee.

3.4.2 - Credit/Debit Cards: Credit Card payments transactions are accepted via Stripe gateway and are eligible for Money Back Guarantee.

3.4.3 - Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies payments are accepted via the Cryptomus gateway and not eligible for Money Back Guarantee.

3.4.4 - Alipay: Alipay payments are accepted via the Payssion gateway and not eligible for Money Back Guarantee.

3.4.5 - Chargebacks / Disputes: Chargebacks and disputes against any payment will result in immediate services termination of all services without compensations/refunds and account closure without notification. This process can not be reversed even if customer self-closed disputes/chargebacks.

3.5 - Fraud Protection:

3.6.1 - Account details must match information provided by payment method.

3.6.2 - Registration and Order Placement must be taken place from the client's residential ISP.

3.6.3 - In order to process order(s) that not passed initial fraud check, Hyonix might require valid documentations to be submitted.

3.6.4 - Payment via cryptocurrencies do not require full personal details to be provided due to transparency factor of payment processor and privacy-protected intended of customer.

3.6 - Hyonix Account Credit:

3.7.1 - Account credit does not expire, and cannot be transferred from one client to another.

3.7.2 - Existing account credit will automatically be applied towards further generated invoices until exhausted.

3.7.3 - Customer can add funds via billing system with any amount between $10.00-$500.00.

3.7.4 - Account credit may not be withdrawn or 'cashed out' in the form of a refund or other payment.

4. Limitation of liability.

4.1 - By using our service(s), customer agree that Hyonix will not hold liable for any damages as a result of a natural disaster, or any extenuating circumstances that may lead to hardware failure, data corruption or servers going offline or being unavailable.

4.2 - Customer understand and acknowledge that backups are not guaranteed and will only be used in case of hardware failures if backups are available.

5. Service(s) Processing.

5.1 - Service Modification:

5.1.1 - Service modification cannot be performed on or past the service's due date. Any outstanding invoices must be settled before service modification can be performed.

5.1.2 - Service modification that will lower the value of the service will automatically deposit the difference in values for the remainder of the billing cycle to the client's account credit balance.

5.1.3 - Service modification that will raise the value of the service will be billed for the difference in values from the date of modification until the end of the service's current billing cycle. The modification will be applied once the issued invoice is settled.

5.2 - Service Transfer:

5.2.1 - An existing service may be transferred to another client provided the following conditions are met:

- The service to be transferred must be active for at least three months.

- The service to be transferred must not have any unpaid or overdue invoices.

- The service to be transferred must not have any TOS/AUP Violations on record.

- The account initiating the transfer must be Active with at least three months of continuous service history.

- The account receiving the transfer must not have any unpaid or overdue invoices.

- The account receiving the transfer must not have any TOS/AUP Violations on record.

5.2.2 - A processing fee of $5.00 will be applied for the service transistion.

5.2.3 - When a service transfer is accepted, all data on that service will be kept as it is, original owner might decide to delete the data on that service or not.

5.2.4 - Hyonix will not hold any responsible for the data remains on the transfered service.

5.2.5 - Once the transfer is completed, any revert request will not be proceeded.

5.3 - Service Cancellation:

5.3.1 - Immediate type cancellations are processed automatically at 11:00 PM UTC the following day

5.3.2 - End of Term type cancellations are processed automatically at 11:00 PM UTC on the service due date.

5.3.3 - Once cancellation has been run on a service, all related data and backups are destroyed, and any associated IP Addresses released back into the available pool. This process cannot be reversed.

5.4 - Service Suspension:

5.4.1 - When suspended, a service is brought offline and disabled from being powered on or accessed. No data will be made available, nor the service brought online, until the situation resulting in the suspension has been resolved.

5.5 - Service Termination:

5.5.1 - Upon termination, all related data and backups are destroyed, and any associated IP Addresses released back into the available pool. This process cannot be reversed.

6. Support.

6.1 - All services come with un-managed support, means, we will give support for hardware, network, our system related issue only. However, Hyonix will still process other requests as deemed reasonable.

6.2 - In order for us to fully support your request, we might request you for your service(s) credentials. We might refuse to support if customers declined to send requested credentials.

6.3 - General/Technical support is available all hours and days of the week (24/7).

6.4 - Billing support is available between 07 AM - 05 PM UTC, from Monday to Friday.

6.5 - Hyonix staffs and systems operate based on UTC time zone.

7. Affiliate Program.

7.1 - Hyonix offer a 10% recurring commission for affiliates. The minimum payout amount is $30 USD, available funds can be withdrawn through the Hyonix Account Balance or PayPal. Affiliates are responsible for all fees incurred from PayPal.

7.2 - Commissions will be held for 14 days before they become available for withdrawal. Orders that are refunded or cancelled due to abuse will not be counted for commissions.

7.3 - We track the visitors using cookies, allowing affiliates to receive commission even if the users you refer do not purchase immediately. The cookies last for up to 7 days following the initial visit.

7.4 - Using the affiliate system for personal gains (such as for service discount/cash-back) is strictly prohibited. Any related accounts will be suspended, and all pending balances will not be settled.

7.5 - Affiliates that have traffic originated from cash-back, coupon and voucher sites are currently not supported and payout will not be processed.

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